Police Arrest Two Suspects over Social Media Incitement

Police in Garissa have arrested two people they suspect have been spreading hate speeches through social media.

According to North Eastern regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh, the duo was arrested for posting inflammatory comments that were likely to trigger violence between clans in the county.

As security apparatus in the region, we are working closely with other government agencies in monitoring people hell bent on originating and posting of inflammatory materials on social media, Saleh said.

These two individuals who will soon be arraigned in court will act as an example to others who could be harboring similar intentions. You need to think twice before you post because the consequences are dire, he added.

The suspects who are both residents of the county were tracked by officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU). They had warned in the posts that the county would witness a civil strife in the event that the elections are stolen in favour of one clan.

In one of the post seen by KNA, they further released the names of those perceived to be involved in the ‘rigging’ and that they are already in their hit list.

We are on high alert to ensure that the exercise is conducted in a peaceful environment across the region and where necessary more security officers will be deployed, Saleh said.

Meanwhile, Garissa County IEBC coordinator Antony Njoroge has requested for more security officers to man IEBC polling stations and protect officials involved in the exercise.

In reference to the facebook posts that were in the Garissa county page, Njoroge said that he was personally not taking ‘any chances’ and that is why he has asked for reinforcement from area police commander.

I want to assure aspirants and the residents of the county that we are determined to conduct a free, fair and transparent election, Njoroge said.

Elsewhere one of Garissa governor Nathif Jama’s staff identified as Steven Kamau is nursing serious guns wounds on his pelvic after an administration police officer attached to the governor accidentally fired at him.

The governor who was on his way to Dertu for a campaign rally was met by a group of hostile supporters in Sankuri area and when the bodyguard tried to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd, he accidentally shot at Kamau at close range.

Kamau was rushed to Garissa referral hospital but later transferred to Kenyatta National hospital for specialized treatment.

Area OCPD Aron Moriasi confirmed the incident. He said that the victim was traveling in the same vehicle with the officer at the time of the incident.

Source: Kenya News Agency