Police arrest nine bhang dealers

A joint crackdown involving chiefs and police officers from Thika West Tuesday netted nine most wanted bhang peddlers and recovered over 110 rolls of bhang.

According to Thika West OCPD Willy Simba, police have been laying a trap for the last two days after complaints from members of the public of rising cases of bhang smoking and peddling inside and around the sprawling Kiandutu slums.

Mr. Simba pointed out that the crackdown will continue as it was feared that bhang peddlers were targeting school going students who are at home for their April holidays adding that cooperation between the members of the public and law enforcement officers will go a long way in ridding the streets of dangerous criminals.

He lauded members of the public from Kiandutu slums who have continued working closely with law enforcement officers saying that any information shared with his office will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

He pointed out that the nine who included George Njuguna who was nabbed with 90 rolls, Stephen Maina , Bernard Kiswani, Muhidin Kassim, Jiresh Hussein and Mohamed Kalie will be arraigned before court Wednesday as they were also found with knives and clubs an indication that they were preparing to commit a felony.

The OCPD said that the crackdowns will continue and called for cooperation from members of public especially now that it was raining as criminals have a habit of committing crimes during the rains.

Source: Kenya News Agency