Police arrest man for murdering three year old son

Police in Bahati of Nakuru County are holding a middle aged man who allegedly killed his 3 year old son by strangling him with a belt.

The suspect, identified as Ezekiel Kagiri Njui, then tied his dead son’s hands together and nailed them in the 2am bizarre incident that has shocked residents of Maili Tisa shopping centre.

After committing the heinous crime , the suspect then took off from the scene and traveled a distance of over 10 kilometres and reported the incident to the Free Area assistant chief in the dead of night.

Confirming the incident, Free Area chief Stephen Macharia Kihara told the press that he received a phone call from his senior assistant chief James Njuguna who informed him about the incident.

The suspect told the administrator that he had committed the heinous act under the influence of evil spirits following a bhang smoking session he had.

The child’s mother was away during the incident,

Macharia said that after receiving the information, he relayed the same to police officers from Central police station who liaised with their Bahati counterparts leading to the arrest of the man.

The chief called upon members of the public to report any suspicious characters to local community policing members so as to thwart such tragic eventualities.

He said that some tragedies could be avoided if close relatives would liaise with law enforcers in reporting those engaged in use of drugs and other abusive substances to reduce harmful habits.

He urged relatives and neighbours to be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of drug abusers saying that such users were not only a danger to themselves but to the community as well.

Macharia said that the suspect will be arraigned in court to answer to murder charges once police finalise their investigations.

Source: Kenya News Agency