Police arrest 3 suspects of the Thika KCB robbery

A combined force of police from Thika, Kiambu and Juja Constituencies on Sunday arrested three men at Marurui trading centre in Kiambu County who led them to Juja town where they had hidden part of the Sh. 50 million stolen from the Thika branch of Kenya Commercial Bank last week.

The Thika OCPD, Willy Simba while confirming the breakthrough on one of Kenya’s most daring crimes revealed that sleuths traced the three Charles Mwangi Murakaru, 30, Halford Munene Murakaru, 32 and Julius Wainaina, 32, to a hide out at Marurui in the outskirts of Kiambu town who led the police to Joy Land estate in Juja where over Sh. 17 million in Kenya currency and over Sh. 3 million in foreign currency was recovered.

Two of the arrested suspects are brothers suspected to have masterminded the daring crime that appeared like a scene in crime movie. The robbers had dug a 30 metres tunnel into KCB Thika branch strong-room and escaped with over Sh.50 million.

Also recovered were several sophisticated equipment believed to have been used in the breaking and an assortment of Kenya National identity cards.

The three are believed to be part of a bigger team that surprised police and the Kenyan public on November 20 when they made away with over Sh. 50 million after digging an underground tunnel to the Bank’s vault.

The OCPD said that the recovered money was taken to KCB headquarters Nairobi for safe custody while the three are scheduled to be arraigned at the Thika law courts today morning.

The Bank is a stone throw from the Thika Police Station and is said to have been planned for over six months when three young men using fake identity cards leased three stalls to sell books but unknown to everyone what they carried as cartons of books every day was soil nicely parked that had been scooped from the underground tunnel.

Source: Kenya News Agency