Police arrest 15 illegal immigrants in Kisumu town

Police have arrested 15 aliens in Kisumu town for being in the country illegally and operating business without permits.

The arrest of the 15 men from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo followed a public outcry from traders in the lakeside town that there were many aliens operating unlicensed businesses in the town.

They were rounded up within the Central Business District by Immigration Officers following a tip off by members of the public

Principal Immigration Officer, Eveline Cherobel, confirmed the incident, adding that the men in their twenties were found hawking shoes and jewelry but none of them had a business permit.

We have also found out that they do not have proper travel documents, meaning they are in the country illegally, she said.

She also expressed concern over the rising number of foreigners flouting their visa requirements.

We have had foreigners come into the country as tourists but then go ahead to get into businesses without applying for permits. It is a menace that we are determined to deal with because this can also pose a security challenge, she said yesterday.

The 15, five Congolese, three Burundians, three Rwandese and four Ugandans were due to be arraigned at Kisumu court to face charge of being in the country illegally and operating business without permits.

Small-scale traders have been up in arms over competition posed by unlicensed traders from the neighboring counties.

Earlier this year, 15 Egyptians were arrested with forged work permits in the town. Five of them were later freed for lack of evidence while the rest were released on a Sh300, 000 bond after pleading not guilty to the offences.

Source: Kenya News Agency