Police and chiefs blamed for protecting illicit brewers

Law enforcers in Migori County have terribly failed to crackdown on illicit brews, Seventh Day pastor has said.

Pastor Lawy Otieno of Nyaburu Church said they were concerned with the apathy among the chiefs and the police and their reluctance to fight the vice.

He said during the new Christmas and New Year eve, several people including school children messed up with illicit drinks, some of whom were found lying unconscious by the road sides.

The church leader blamed the law enforcers for “protecting the brewers and sellers from whom they collect protection fees.”

In Migori town, a police swoop during New Year nabbed over 30 school students who were believed to have consumed third generation spirits and engaged in an orgy of sex after cheating their parents that they were going out for night prayers.

Pastor Otieno in an a terse statement to the press claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s efforts to fight the illicit brews had achieved little results as the tempo of consumption of the drinks had not changed much in the county.

“We still have known Chang’aa dens and bars selling third generation liquor yet the police and chiefs are doing very little to stop them. Worst of all, some of the law enforces are protecting the culprits after taking weekly protection fees,” he said.

Migori County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng’ however, said investigations were on to catch wayward government officers engaging in shady deal with brewers and sellers of the illicit liquor and warned of stern action against them.

He said the fight against illicit brews was still on and appealed to the law abiding people in the area to work closely with his office and the police to help eradicate the vice.

By George Agimba