PM Abiy’s Message to the People of Tigray

Addis Ababa Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s message in Tigringa to the people of Tigray translated into English. Abiy called upon the people of Tigray to stand along the government to restore peace and stability in the region. Full message of the Prime Minister read as follow:
Dear Respected the People of Tigray:
I feel great remorse to convey this message against the saddening actions we forcefully entered by the destructive forces. While our government and people working with the aspiration and outlined programs to transcend the national peace and security, prosperity, and justice system the destructive force that had been on the shoulders of the society for the past years has repeatedly been obstructing our way and now it has taken it to the final stage.
It is known that the treasonous force within the TPLF through various ways had been obstructing our stability and development in the two years after the reform.
This force, primarily by alienating you, the people of Tigray, from your brothers of the Ethiopian people has been putting you aside from entertaining peace and prosperity.
Secondly, it did many erroneous things in the name of you to make you hated by the rest of Ethiopian people.
Moreover, it violated the constitution in a piecemeal way, which you formed with the sacrifice of your children. This force, in spite of repeatedly speaking for the constitution to be respected in words only, continues to violate it one by one.
For instance, initially it disregarded the rules and regulations approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives.
Second, it illegally started relations with international organizations and countries.
Third, it conducted unlawful elections by violating the decision of the House of Federation to postpone national elections due to the global pandemic.
Fourth, it cut ties with the federal and regional governments by saying it gives no recognition.
Fifth, by teaming up with its collaborators in other regions is disrupting peace and causing the death of lives.
Our respected people, the government to safeguard your security and respect your pride did not take measure when the illegal clique was undertaking every unlawful measure. Especially, as our priorities at this time is preventing Coronavirus, desert locust invasion, and harvesting crops we had no intentions into getting to this situation.
Though the reasons I have mentioned and others were enough towards taking actions, we did not take a single measure for the sake of your security and pride.
Our Revered People:
The tarnished criminal force created within the TPLF in a very unacceptable way attacked the Defense Force that have shared your burdens and protected you for the last two decades. It attacked the Northern Command Post, which paid sacrifices for your safety, in a way what was never seen in the history of the world. In doing so it cut off the services of telecommunication and electricity.
Our Respected People:
Government’s tolerance to avoid forceful measures is now futile due to this cruel group. Therefore, now the government has compellingly entered into respecting the rule of law.
Respected People of Tigray:
The forceful measure, which is part of upholding the rule of law, is not with the entire TPLF and not with the security forces of Tigray as well rather with the disruptive and bloody force. Concealed inside the people and TPLF, this force is disrupting you and the entire Ethiopia.
In relation to this, respecting the rule of law, there may be air strikes against the capacities of the force not civilians. However, I urge the public to restrict moving in mass in cities in order to avoid unforeseen causalities.
Thus, the people of Tigray in collaboration with the Defense Force should shorten the life of this clique by either handing it over to the Defense Force or giving information.
Second, I call upon you together with the Defense Force to get rid of this group and steadfastly get back to working on development.
Respected Security Forces of Tigray:
This criminal force shielding you has put the people of Tigray at risk. Knowing that government has no problems with you rather with this doomed force, I urge you to take part in getting-rid of this force.
Therefore, I call upon you to give up to the neighboring regions and countries, attack the force and blockade leaders of the force from evading.
Respected Youth of Tigray:
Our country is facing a jeopardy that it never observed in its history and is shocking. Your country build by your fathers and where your forefathers sacrificed for is now disgraced and this force has to be brought to justice quickly. Therefore, I urge you to stand against it in order to swiftly accomplish the matter and return to issues of development.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

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