Plant chilli to keep off rogue elephants

School heads in Samburu County have been urged to plant chilli around school water tanks to keep off rogue elephants.

Speaking during the County Steering Committee Group (CSG) meeting, Samburu County Director of Education Mr Zachary Mutwiri said elephants have destroyed water tanks in schools while in search of water.

He noted that the most affected schools were in Samburu East Sub County, where the ravages of drought are being experienced despite the ongoing rains.

In Sere Olipi primary school, two water tanks have been destroyed by jumbos which were searching for water, and as a result, the institution doesn’t have storage tanks, he said.

He called on head teachers in the county to secure their school’s water storages by planting chilli or keeping bee hives around them to keep elephants at bay.

A sure and cost effective way is to plant chilli and keep bee hives around water tanks instead of reinforcing plastic tanks with concrete, which will be eventually brought down by the elephants, he said.

At the same time, Mutwiri called on Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to provide tree seedlings to schools during the ongoing rainy season to help increase forest cover in the county.

CSG consists of all heads of department in both county and national government together with various stakeholders such as NGOs. It is chaired by the governor who is deputised by the county commissioner.

Source: Kenya News Agency