Petition to give Kuria own county

A man wants the National Assembly to declare the minority Kuria region in Migori County a separate county.

Alan Chacha, lawyer, in his petition wants parliament to begin the process of declaring Kuria region a new county claiming that it is one of the marginalised communities in Kenya.

Chacha from Kuria West said his petition was received by the assembly clerk on October 6 just two days after 2,000 Kuria delegates met President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House and lobbied for their own county.

He said the constitution allows Kuria minority community to declare their separation if they are oppressed from the larger Migori county.

The petition advocates the community to be recognised as marginalised in safeguarding the rights of the minorities and marginalised groups as provided for in the constitution of the republic of Kenya.

Chacha, in the petition, said in last election the majority Luo community locked them out by having the governor, women representative, senator and speaker.

We have remained under-represented in all spheres of life, excluded in the socio-political and administrative management of the country, hence suffering double marginalisation, the petition reads.

Chacha said the petition seeks protection from majority Luo who have been using their numbers for tyranny against the Kuria community.

As a community we are afraid we will be assimilated by the Luo and in next two decades we won’t exist. Already members of Kuria community living along border with Luo are assimilated, Chacha said.

He insisted the petition was not funded by Jubilee through his legislator Mathias Robi who led the Wednesday State House delegation.

The petition has set the way ahead of 2019 referendum to review the constitution, whose main agenda will be having Kuria as a county, Robi said.

The legislator said the Kuria community feels marginalised and has not been fully represented in the Migori county governance fully.

We recently had the president created two new sub-counties of Ntimaru and Mabera, we are establishing a course to have our own county, Robi said.

Robi said the community elites will ensure they get their own county during the forthcoming referendum to review the constitution.

Source: Kenya News Agency