Peter Munya opposes bid to disband parties for JAP

Council of Governors Chairman Peter Munya has accused people who want parties in the Jubilee coalition to disband and join President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) of killing democracy.

“Even as we are told otherwise, I insist that folding parties to form only a few is not progressive and will not nurture democracy,” said Mr Munya.

The Meru governor said strong democracies present a platform where a multiplicity of ideas compete in a pluralistic society.

“Let’s have many parties and we shall have helped democracy to thrive,” said Mr Munya who spoke in Meru Town.

Although he did not mention his Alliance Party of Kenya (APK) whose top leadership has committed to fold and join JAP, Mr Munya claimed those supporting the disbanding of parties are reducing the democratic space in Kenya.

Last Thursday, Mr Munya said the dissolution of the APK would be a betrayal of the party’s founding ideal to fight for the interests of Mt Kenya East region.

Once again, Mr Munya hinted at the possibility of launching a new party should leaders push through with the plans to disband Jubilee affiliate parties.

“I am capable of launching a national party and not a village one,” he said.