People with albinism to access cryotherapy services in Kitale

People living with albinism in Trans Nzoia will be able to access cryotherapy services at the Kitale County Referral Hospital by August 2018.

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Tarus announced that the county government together with the Ministry of Health was training three medics to operate the cryotherapy machine at the Kitale county referral hospital.

The machine was bought in 2017 but has been lying idle due to lack of specialized skills in the field.

He said the machine will be used to screen people living with albinism to detect any tumor in the skin that may develop into cancer, for earlier treatment and management.

The services will be offered free of charge during the monthly clinic for people living with disability, he noted.

During the World Albinism Day marked on June 13,the County Executive Committee Member(CEC) in charge of Health Christine Tanguli advised people living with albinism to utilize the cryotherapy machine once it is operational.

She also urged them to ensure they protect their skins from sunrays by applying required creams for them to stay safe.

Always visit the county referral hospital and obtain creams to apply on your skin to prevent you from getting sick as a result of sun rays, she said.

The CEC asked those with children living with albinism to register them with the National Council of People Living with Disability so that they can access services offered by the government.

During the occasion, the county disability officer Metrine Wamalwa said one person living with albinism in the county, Samuel Kirwahad the skin of his left ear affected and developed into a wound for lack of cryotherapy machine and was taken to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital before being transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

She noted that he was supposed to undergo plastic surgery but due to lack of the services at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), he was referred to KNH to undergo radiotherapy and Chemotherapy services.

Viola Wesonga who lives with albinism and a tutor at the Kitale Vocational Training Centre urged the community to assist people with albinism get protection for their skin.

She observed that albinism was a disability that cannot be avoided by anyone asking the community to accept them since anyone can be a carrier of the albinism gene without knowing

She said once they see anyone living with the condition lacking a protective cloth they should encourage them to wear a cloth that covers their body properly so that they are not exposed to too much sunshine.

The deputy governor said the county government will offer preferential treatment to people living with albinism and those others living with other kinds of disability.

He asked them to be declaring their conditions as they seek job opportunities to be given special consideration.

He also asked the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender affairs to ensure that people living with disability are given priority for grants and tenders as support for them.

Source: Kenya News Agency