People of Kiambu need civic education

The people of Kiambu need civic education which will enlighten them on the role played by all arms of governments so that they stop confusing the roles assigned to their leaders.

A manager with a land selling companies in Kiambu Ms. Lilian Njeri Kagwe said the people did not have adequate information on the role of Governors, senators, MCA. MP. Or the National Government.

Talking to KNA at the livestock offices in Kiambu today, the manager said she had a plethora of ideas which if she explored, they would assist in provision of services to the people of Kiambu.

She cited Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s initiative to rehabilitate recovering alcoholics. Njeri agreed that Governor Waititu had bright ideas but he needed to rethink on a better way to engage this class of people in society.

Mr. Waititu has been engaging them on a program where they worked until 12:00 noon after which they are paid 400 shillings. Out of this figure 100 shillings goes to their breakfast and lunch which they are given when they report for work and they are given the balance of 300 shillings upon completing their day’s work.

Recently Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni wa Muchomba faulted the governor’s initiative saying it was exercabating alcoholism in the region. According to Wamuchomba, when those people are paid 300 shillings, and are free from noon, they ended up engaging in the alcoholic drinks earlier than those that were busy the whole day.

Njeri said instead of Wamuchomba telling off the Governor through the media, she should have engaged him at a personal level where they can share ideas and come up with a modality that was going to help the people.

She said there was so much the young people could be engaged in towards the improvement of the region. She cited that the county could invest in machines for making sanitary pads that were affordable so that they could be supplied to school girls to keep them in school during their menses.

She said each Sub-County could be supplied by the machine worth 2 m and placed at a convenient location that could benefit majority who should also work for 48 in 4 shifts. This if embraced could change the economy of the county as it would also provide many young people with employment opportunities.

She explained if one reported in the morning they could be encouraged to do 2 shifts from 8 to 6 and after the 2 shifts, the person will be exhausted and would not end up looking for cheap alcohol that was destroying their health. The person will retire to his home, look for a decent meal and be eager to sleep so as to wake up early the following morning she said.

She concluded that it was important for the elite in society to engage in educating the people so that they could be involved in governance. Very soon, I will start going round the county but I will start with my sub-county which is Gatundu where I will enlighten them on their rights and what they should demand from those in power

Njeri vied but lost to capture a seat for MCA in her region. She however said time for politics is over and that what people needed now is services and civic education so that they could know who should address their plight.

Source: Kenya News Agency