Peace treaty

Calm has returned in Suiyan village in Samburu North Sub County after security agents recovered and returned 40 camels belonging to the Turkana community.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday in Maralal town, Samburu County Commissioner (CC), Alfred Kinyua said that they brokered a peace deal between the Samburu and Turkana community which led to the peaceful recovery of 40 camels from the Samburu community and surrendered them to the Turkana herders.

Kinyua said that the recovered camels had been stolen three weeks ago from Turkana herders which led to retaliatory attacks on 1st February 2018 at Suiyan village where two Samburu morans were killed and over 800 cattle stolen.

For peace to prevail between the two communities, they agreed on returning the animals they stole from each other, he said.

The CC advised the two families of those killed during the raid to make a formal complaint at the Baragoi police station to enable the police to launch investigations.

At the same time, he urged the communities in Samburu north to live peacefully especially during the continuing drought where herders from Samburu East and parts of Isiolo are migrating in the area in search of pasture.

The CC said that the national government distributes 4,500 bags of relief food to those affected by drought in the County, adding that the number of food would be increased to 6,000 bags to cater for the rising number of families affected by drought.

Source: Kenya News Agency