Pastoralists told to surrender illegal firearms

Isiolo Deputy County Commissioner(DCC) Kipchumba Rutto has ordered Leparwa communities to surrender illegal firearms which threaten security in the area.

Addressing a public security meeting at Leparwa trading centre Mr. Rutto said the presence of many illegal guns in the area contributed to insecurity and threatening of peace.

The administrator also instructed police to arrest County Executive Committee member for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Patrick Lesengei, former area civic leader and a prominent livestock owner alongside his son for inciting morans to conduct rustling activities.

Mr. Rutto said the government would soon employ an assistant chief for Dorobo community in the area and urged them to maintain peace and security with the neighbouring Samburu, Turkana and Meru Communities.

The DCC urged Dorobo community to take their children to school so as to benefit from free primary education saying the move was likely to bring livestock theft to an end.

“Education modernised people leading to learning to depend on their wealth instead of depending on handout from politicians and stealing other people’s livestock,” he said.

He also ordered a chief from Kipsing Ward to keep proper records of all school going age children so that they could enrol in schools in New Year and report those who failed to take kids to school.

He asked the chief and his two assistants to bring together elders from Samburu and Dorobo communities so that they could share resources without causing tension and conflicts.

Mr. Rutto commended Dorobo community Morans for not participating in cattle rustling and urged them to be embracing modern way of life and discard traditional practices that occasioned lagging behind in development of their area.

By Abduba Mamo and David Nduro