Parents warned against engaging their children in child labour

At least seven children were Friday rescued by the children’s department from working on farms in Trans Nzoia County.

Director of children services Waston Maungu together with officers from the department of interior at the same time arrested three parents that were engaging in the children in child labour.

He said that his office had received complaints from members of the public and together with chiefs laid a trap to arrest the suspects at Mobonde village.

We were told that a section of parents have made it a habit to recruit and transport children to various destinations in the country to work on big farms, he said.

According to Mabonde area chief, Ms Judith Kundu, her office and that of the children department were acting on a tip off from members of the public.

I received information that a particular lorry always comes at a specific location along the road and ferry young boys and girls to work in various farms, said Ms Kundu.

She confirmed that they laid an ambush and found seven children inside the lorry who were waiting to be ferried.

The officers warned residents against using children to fend for families adding that they should be in school and not in farms.

Maungu, said that in the last 12 Months 593 incidents of child abuse and sexual offenses have been reported in the region.

We have received an alarming number of child abuse and sexually related offenses and we are asking members of the public to report such cases to the relevant authorities for appropriate action, he said.

He also took issue with large scale farmers who engaged children to work as labourers on their farms adding that they risked being prosecuted.

Source: Kenya News Agency