Parents Wants KNEC disbanded

Irate Parents in Baringo County whose children performed dismally in the just released KCPE examination results wants Kenya National Examination Council disbanded and its officials prosecuted.

Representative of the parents Mzee David Kipyos told journalists today at Bokorin AIC church, Baringo Central that they were not happy with the way KNEC had been handling the exams in the past three years whereby cases of exam leakage has been on the rampage.

Kipyos who was speaking during a pass out ceremony for initiates at the church questioned why private schools left a very big margin against the public schools in the performance index in the recent past.

He urges the government through the Ministry of Education to conclusively investigate the matter to save a crisis in the future saying national examinations will be meaningless if candidates continue to get leakage of the real exam.

Kipyos wants President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto to intervene the matter saying it was a disaster in waiting which raises a great concern to the country since it will soil the reputation of Kenya’s professionals who would wish to seek jobs abroad.

He wondered who would wish to employ a graduate from Kenya if the whole world has now got the news that the national examinations in this country lacked credibility due to the massive leakage which is highly propagated by the use of ICT technology.

By Vincent Miningwo