Parents urged to step-up guidance to youth

Parents and members of the society have been challenged to take the roles of upbringing children seriously in order to make them responsible adults.

Grace Destiny, a Youth Counselor in Kiambu, at the same time said the church and other religious organizations play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding young persons through spiritual nourishment.

She was speaking Saturday during the ongoing Back to school edition of the youth seminar dubbed Ifikie Ma Youth’ at the Destiny Garden Park and attended by over 200 youth.

Grace Destiny is the host and sponsor of the workshop aimed at counseling the youth during the August school holiday.

The theme of the forum is ‘Goal setting, discovering your potential and self-esteem’.

The Counselor asked parents and guardians not to abscond their responsibility, stressing the important role they play in shaping the future of their children.

She, however, cautioned them against being negative in their approach to the youngsters, but to be positive and occasionally to appreciate the youth when they do better or achieve something, particularly in their talents so as to boost their self-esteem.

90 per cent of human beings operate under praise and appreciation, not condemnation, so, parents and other adults should learn to appreciate their children and correct them gently when they go wrong, this raises their confidence to face life challenges,’ she said.

Destiny who was flanked by a local Television presenter, Wangeci Kariuki, urged students to work hard in their academic endeavor as well as respect their parents and teachers, noting that discipline is the key to success.

Do you know you are the heart of our society, do you know we cannot thrive without you, you are the generation that can produce more and better people, she observed.

She advised the youth to manage their time well, be focused and disciplined without expecting their teachers or parents to push or monitor them.

Source: Kenya News Agency