Parents urged to lead by example

Busia Catholic Priest, Chris Wafula has urged parents to be role models to their children.

Speaking during a Sunday Service at Uganda Martyrs Catholic Church in Busia town Sunday, Wafula said that 85% of what the children learn comes from observation.

A number of parents tell their children do what I say and not what I do, not knowing that what they say only contribute 15% of what is learnt by their children, he said.

The priest expressed concern that the County was ranked very high on teenage pregnancies rate, a situation he blamed on irresponsibility on the part of parents.

It is very unfortunate that most parents do not pay school fees for their children in time leaving them to be loitering in town during learning hours, he said.

Father Wafula at the same time, asked teenagers to be focused on their studies instead of seeking luxuries at a tender age.

Some of you waste a lot of time in disco matanga and boy/girl relationship which cannot improve your future, he told the youth, adding that they should sacrifice their time for studies.

The cleric at the same time, urged all the religious faithful to be tolerant with one another adding that all human beings were created in the image of God.

Source: Kenya News Agency