Parents urged to accompany children to school

The Marakwet West Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), John Otieno has urged parents to accompany their children to and from school to guard them against falling astray.

Otieno specifically said students should be escorted during opening and closing days for the term as well as when breaking or returning from half term breaks. This will save girls from preying men and boys from consuming illicit brews, he said.

The DCC spoke barely a day after two school girls; one studying in West Pokot County and the other in Marakwet East Sub County were arrested while drunk in a company of two men.

Five school boys were also arrested on the same day after being found drinking illicit brew in Kapsowar town. They are still in police custody.

Otieno said students who had just been released for their half term break dotted towns with uniforms and some were seen loitering in town up to late hours in the absence of their parents.

Girls have become so vulnerable and if parents are not cautious, their children will fall in the wrong hands. Boys are not spared either for they can engage in all manner of vices, he added.

The Marakwet East OCPD, Lemmy Njiru said the two men found in company of the said girls are being held at Kapsowar police station as investigations commence to find out if the girls were defiled.

Source: Kenya News Agency