Parents told to censor electronic content

Parents in Kiambu County have been cautioned against exposing their children to TV programmes and movies which are likely to lead them to moral decadence.

A Catechist at Saint Peter and Paul Catholic church in Kiambu town John Kirika Sunday regretted that children were getting astray owing to content they watched on televisions with their parents.

He noted that cases of minors being involved in crimes such as defilement have increased, and blamed it on some content from the electronic media.

Soap Operas on commercial televisions are a great contributor to sexual immorality among minors as most of them have too much intimacy among the characters, and this may lure a child to want to do what they are doing, which is criminal, he said.

He asked parents to stop viewing Soap Operas in the presence of their children or allowing their children to watch movies with sexual scenes so as to prevent them from exposure to adult material.

Soap Operas have been very common on our television sets. These programmes are usually aired at around 6 pm and 8 pm at the time when children are already out of school and free to watch them, therefore the need for parents to censor what they could allow them to watch.

Nowadays, parents do not care much on what their children watch on televisions as most decoders have parental guidance locks, where parents can restrict their children from watching specific channels, said the man of the clothe.

There are also a number of movies that have sexual escapades that children could access at any movie shop at only Sh 50, and parents have been asked to be on the lookout for such to ensure the stuff is not allowed in their homes.

He blamed some parents for giving their children money to buy movies without being keen on what they buy and watch, hence eroding the morality of children at a tender age.

The catechist noted that last week alone, there were 3 to 4 cases involving minors who defiled minors who were charged at the Law courts in the area.

Programmes aired on television and movies have a great contribution to the rot affecting children, and parents should therefore take up their responsibility by being observant on the activities of their children and those in the neighbourhood, Catechist Kirika said.

Source: Kenya News Agency