Parents blamed for increase in number of street children

Parents have been blamed for playing a role in the increase in the number of street children in Nakuru County.

The Nakuru Social Welfare Director Wesley Kipng’ok said cases of negligence amongst parents was a matter of concern to the county government.

Speaking today during celebrations to mark the International Street Children Day held at Afraha stadium Kipng’ok said parents had abdicated their parental roles and responsibilities by adopting a don’t care attitude thus pushing their children in the streets.

“Failure by parents to provide a conducive environment for their children at home had driven most of them to the streets”, the director said.

He noted that besides negligence other contributory factors that included poverty, domestic violence and peer pressure had impacted negatively on the children’s welfare.

The director said the county government was in the process of constructing a street children rehabilitation centre that will focus on imparting them with skills that will enable them to be dependent.

“The centre will also identify and nurture different talents amongst the children to assist them become professionals in various fields”, he added.

At the same time the director advised the youth to shun political leaders who are out to misuse them during campaigns preceding the August general elections saying they risked being prosecuted.

The county government donated bread, soda and sanitary towels to the street children in attendance.

Source: Kenya News Agency