Parents asked to take their responsibilities seriously

Parents and guardians in Bungoma County have been asked to take their parental roles seriously to curb the number of street children in the region.

In an interview with KNA on Tuesday in his office, Bungoma County Children Officer (CCO), Maube Nabakwe said some parents had abandoned their responsibilities forcing some children to run to the streets.

Some parents have become absentee parents and they always leave their children under the care of house helps making some children to become wayward and run to the streets, said Maube.

The best environment of raising children is in the home as this will mold children into responsible citizens, he said.

The CCO said stern action will be taken against parents and guardians in the region found to have neglected their children.

Maube also asked people including religious leaders to stop offering food to the street children as this had contributed to the menace in the area.

He told the well-wishers to look for better ways of assisting street children including rehabilitating them and providing shelter and education.

Maube cautioned people defiling minors and colluding with their parents and guardians in Kangaroo courts to conceal the crime that they will be arrested and charged with violating the rights of the children.

He called for concerted efforts in addressing problems that are forcing children into the streets in the region.

Source: Kenya News Agency