Parents advised to take care of children

Parents have been advised to be interacting with their children and ensure they engage in beneficial activities especially now that they were on holiday.

Speaking to KNA Friday at her Kiambu Level 4 Hospital office Lillian Odhiambo a psychologist cautioned that what one engages in had an effect on them which could either be positive or negative.

The psychologist noted that there was a huge difference between children that have been raised by parents that closely followed their activities than those that have been raised by absentee parents.

The counsellor noted that those that were closely monitored and their whereabouts known ended up being successful as opposed to those who relied on their friends.

The specialist added that parents should let their children who have cleared their primary education attend seminars and workshops to prepare them with life skills to apply in their day to day lives.

She revealed that people aged between 13-25 years were mostly affected when it comes to drug abuse due to peer pressure. She said they also indulged in other vices such as stealing and engaging in sexual escapades as a result of not being guided at the right time.

She regretted that at times some parents and guardians neglected their children and it greatly affected them to an extent of getting depressed. Some children even developed ulcers and other health complications that ended up being expensive for families.

Ms. Odhiambo advised parents to have sessions where they openly have conversations with their children, saying by doing so it made it easier for child to share their problems.

Kiambu Parish Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) moderator Rev. Daniel Ndiritu speaking to KNA cautioned parents against abdicating their responsibilities as parents.

He noted owing to the technological advancements the children were being exposed to, they were bound to be smarter than the parents who should play their part without relenting. He observed that there were activities that were organised by the youth department in the church so as to engage youth and teens.

The religious leader cited activities such as games both indoor and outdoor, fellowship sessions, seminars and trips organised for those between 18-24 years which enables them to interact and share ideas.

He advised the parents to enroll their children for such programs in the churches they fellowship in with a view of engaging in them so as to curb drug abuse menace.

Source: Kenya News Agency