Over 900 youths in Nairobi complete the Government’s Ajira Programme

Over 900 youths have graduated after a one month online training that has equipped them with skills that will enable them earn a living through online jobs.

The training dubbed Ajira Digital Programme under the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) has seen the young people get the tools and mentorship needed for online work.

The youths will benefit from the programme as government plans to establish Constituency Innovation Hubs in all the 290 constituencies to enable them access online jobs through Ajira Digital Portal

For 28 year old Harold Radido, the training has enabled him to know the specifics he need to pursue any given career.

I want to thank the government for making this programme free because paying for it would have made it very expensive basing on the kind of training we have been exposed to and the resources used by the trainers, he said during an interview yesterday on the last day of the training.

He acknowledged that there are a lot of advantages of being a freelance worker since he or she can be able to switch careers and manage his time positively.

Online working only calls for one to plan and execute on his plans other than being employed which comes with other challenges, Radido who has a background training in media and web production said.

Digitalisation of government and private databases, he explained will make it easier and flexible for the youth to get jobs online but emphasized that one has to be willing to specialize in one kind of job, Specialization enables one to gain clients and reputation, Radido said.

For Everlyne Odhiambo, another trainee who benefited from the Ajira programme, she says she has been able to identify the skills she never thought she would have.

This training has enabled me build confidence in online working that I now know will provide me with valuable pay as compared to formal employment, she added.

She explained that even after graduating from university with a first class honors three and half years ago, it had been difficult to secure a job in any company thus resorting to starting her own business.

Just like any other work, Ms Odhiambo said online requires that one frequently advances on her skills, saying the Ajira program would not have come at a better time for her as it has opened up and trained her on how to expand her online business.

She urged the youth, especially those graduating in various universities not to depend so much on formal employment as online working is cheaper in terms of resources and the profits are also not bad.

I believe now that I have been trained through this programme, the Sh.20, 000 that I was making in my online business will now be able to even bring me more as I have learnt how to advance on it and how to go about attracting clients, Ms Odhiambo said.

Phillipoa Anjira from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Daproim Africa and who has been training the youth in the Ajira programme in Nairobi, said engaging them in entrepreneur practices has seen the youth acquire skills that they can be able even to transfer to others.

Online work has opportunity to each and everyone. The opportunities are limitless as one is required to choose his or her own set of skills she said.

Anjira said the biggest challenge facing the youths in Kenya is lack of knowledge about the existence of online jobs because they were initially underrated.

This programme has facilitated the training and creation of awareness on the availability of online jobs and how to earn income from the jobs, she said, adding those who have benefitted from the programme can also go ahead and train other youths on the same.

According to the ICT Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru, the country has a high number of unemployed youth who are well educated, thus a local platform for online work can address the challenges faced by the youths.

The government through the programme has trained over 10,000 young people across the country and equipped them with soft skills, negotiation skills, communication skills and how to bid for online jobs to make them compete effectively in the job market.

The training was carried in the month of June in Nairobi, Meru, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Source: Kenya News Agency