Over 250 families left homeless in Magarini

Over 250 families have been displaced by floods in Magarini Sub-County of Kilifi after River Sabaki burst its banks following the ongoing heavy rains.

Bate Assistant Chief Mbaru Kalama said Dhololo area and DagamuraGarashi Wards were most affected.

Speaking to the press, Sunday, Mr. Kalama said Bate had about 103 households affected;Kolobani with 50, Kaya Dagamura 35,while Mikuyuni andKisiki cha Mzungu area had 38 and 24 houses affected.

Mr. Kalama said Bate area could not be accessed both from Karimboni and Dagamura leaving the families residing within the area completely stranded.

The Assistant Chief also said Children in Mgumoni, Bate and Dhololo Primary Schools are not able to go to school as the learning institutions were submerged.

He advised those affected by the floods to relocate to higher grounds.

Source: Kenya News Agency