Over 100 petty offenders to be released from prison in Nyeri

Over 100 petty offenders are set to be released from King’ong’o GK prison, Nyeri, this week as the Judiciary embarks on a process of decongesting prisons that will see some 12,000 inmates released countrywide.

Upon their release, the prisoners will be committed to community service and others put under probation according to Community Service Orders National Chairman, Justice Luka Kimaru.

Justice Kimaru said only petty offenders sentenced to serve up to three years or have similar periods remaining in jail terms qualifies to be put under noncustodial sentence.

Speaking on Monday in Nyeri, Justice Kimaru said the move is also aimed at encouraging courts and other stakeholders to embrace non-custodial sentencing for petty offenders to decongest the prisons.

He said it would also assist in reducing chances of them interacting with hardcore criminals that in many cases increase chances of reoffending.

We want petty offenders committed to noncustodial sentences so that we leave prisons for serious offenders such as defilers, rapists and murderers, Justice Kimaru said.

The Director of Probation and Aftercare Service, Mary Mbau assured that those to be released posed no threat to the community as they had been vetted and deemed fit to go back to the society.

Probation officers have conducted social enquiry and processed the offenders and so they are not a threat to the community or their victims, said the Director.

She called on the community to give them all the necessary support they require to ensure their re-integration back to the community is smooth.

Source: Kenya News Agency