Our Father Would Be Proud of Obama, Half-Sister Says

If Barack Obama Senior were alive, he would express his pride in the US President by telling him ‘obviously, since you’re an Obama’ ,” a relative has said.

Obama’s half sister Auma noted that the family is proudest that US President Barack Obama won two elections, becoming the world’s most powerful leader.

Speaking to CNN in an interview, she said Obama has a handwriting similar to that of their father, who died in 1982.

She fondly remembered mistaking Obama’s first letter for one their father wrote.

Auma said she loves her brother even though they met in their 20s, in 1987, when he first visited Kenya to trace his roots.

“I love my brother. What can I say? It’s interesting that we met quite late in life but we hit it off,” she said.

It will be joy for the family when Obama meets them in Nairobi, and for Nyang’oma Kogelo village in Siaya county, when he returns to his homeland.

Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah lives in Isaiah, where his father was also buried, and where Senator Barack Obama Primary School is located.

“The community here definitely walked at least six feet taller just by the fact that he was standing to be elected. And when he won it was amazing. It still is amazing,” Auma said.

“There’s a lot of pride here (Siaya county), and it’s oozing out of us for what Barack managed to achieve, and there is definitely strong ownership of their son.”

She said many ‘relatives’ have introduced themselves to the family because they want to be associated with Obama.

Obama is expected in the country 9pm Friday ahead of the 6th Global Entrepreneurial Summit in Gigiri on Saturday.

Residents of Kogelo had anticipated that he would visit the area, but the US Embassy in Nairobi said he would not make it due to time and logistical constraints.

The White House however said Obama would spend private time with his family in Nairobi, but did not disclose where the meeting will take place.

Mama Sarah left Kisumu Friday morning and is in Nairobi with several family members to meet the US President.

Apart from meeting his family, Obama will also hold bilateral talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi.

He is also scheduled to deliver two addresses; at Kenyatta University and Safaricom Arena, Kasarani on Sunday.