Otieno Tells Boxers to Plan Their Finances to Shun Inconveniences

Boxing trainer Paul Otieno has called on boxers to take up management courses to help them run their affairs without sinking into financial difficulties.

“Not all promoters have been frauds. We all need some education in the way of managing our money. It’s not that there is no money in boxing, there is.”

Otieno was speaking during training session at the Kariobangi Social hall ahead of next weekend’s Commonwealth Boxing Commission-Africa show.

“You (boxer) cannot squander your money and then claim boxing is a poor man’s game, no! Or blame the country for your inefficiency. The country did something for you by availing the opportunity and it is up to you to make use of it,” added Otieno.

“Yes we are human. We go wrong at times, but if we make our ways, we will make it in life. Remember the world’s richest athlete is a boxer, Floyd Mayweather.”

Kenyan boxer has been known to live in wanting conditions with Olympian Elizabeth Andiego and Conjestina Achieng being the latest. Achieng has had health issues while Andiego was nearly held at a Nairobi hospital after failing to raise the medical fee following a hit and run incident that left her with a broken leg. Otieno also exuded confidence with next weekend’s promoter ‘Big Time Promotions’ saying: “I have been in this game for a long time, say 20 years, and I know the frauds and those who are serious.”

“Big Time have committed themselves to the fights, having already issued a prize money cheque to the Kenya professional Boxing Commission. They have also signed contracts with boxers, who have kept copies and this means that the any of the parties can go to court if the other flaunts the agreement.”

“Things have changed. No promoter will come, organise a fight and leave without meeting his expenses. The boxers are also enlightened after following the standard practice world over and will never enter into a deal that lacks some details.”