Organizations call for equality

The Government has been called upon to ensure that national income and consumption data was regularly updated and made publicly available to ensure that inequality trends were monitored.

Speaking to the media in Nairobi Tuesday, Joy Ndubai from Oxfam said that with the right policy decision of tackling inequality, the government could help lift millions of Kenyans out of poverty to ensure sustainable economic growth.

She urged the government to reform personal taxation system, end harmful tax competition, provide good quality free services for all, put gender equality at the heart of policy making and strengthen social contract between citizens and the government.

Fight Inequality Alliance (FIA) Launch Director Ben Philips stated that inequality has become the uniting focus mobilizing people across the globe adding that inequality is not inevitable and could be tackled to lift millions out of poverty.

The rich and powerful talk the good game, saying they will solve inequality yet they are not just ‘fixing the problem,’ they are the problem and only the people standing together can solve the issue not the rich and powerful, said Philips.

He also urged people affected by inequality to stand together against the government to be given the same attention the government gives the rich and powerful and that they should not take any empty promises from the government.

Director of ‘Daughters of Mumbi’ Global Resource Center Njoki Njehu said that inequality issues were coming up instead of going down and that it is about time Kenyans go to the grass root to address the issues since its affecting everyone.

FIA members in partnership with other organizations will on Saturday February 27hold a festival in Dandora named ‘UsawaFestivals’ aimed at visibly demonstrating the mass support for action to tackle inequality.

Source: Kenya News Agency