Ogembo traders laud County finance department for unchanged levy

Traders in Ogembo have lauded Kisii County finance department for maintaining levy rates at the same level.

Traders gave their compliments to County revenue official on Monday, in Ogembo town during a public participation forum organized by the department of finance to discuss the 2018/19 finance bill.

Jenniffer Ombiro, a green grocery vendor said that in the past three years, levy rates were gradually increased and we were very much worried over what the county government will decide for the next financial year.

We are thankful that the county government is not going to ask us more next financial year, and the only thing we are asking is improvement of our working environment to enable us work for longer periods and be able to comfortably pay the levies and at the same time provide for our families, Ms. Ombiro commented.

Mr. Oseko Otuke, the assistant director for revenue clarified that there were new levies that had been introduced by the county government, which any trader who intends to venture into such businesses must be aware of and comply as per the law.

Kisii County government has introduced other new levies that were never there in the previous years, like levy for traders with underground storage facilities, like fuel tanks, those operating milk bars and creamery outlets, and registration fee of all motorcycles doing business and a penalty for anyone who will defy the order are among some of the new levies in the coming financial year, Otuke said.

Assistant Director thanked the traders for their input in the Finance Bill 2018 and promised that they will put the necessary adjustments to the proposed document before it is approved for implementation.

Source: Kenya News Agency