Obama to Be Met By Naked Kenyans, 18 Dead Students

US President Barrack Obama who will be making his second visit to Kenya since he became President is in for a shock as a political party in Kenya has sought permission to hold demonstrations against Obama’s visit by parading naked.

A letter that has gone viral on social media and has been signed by a Mr Kidala Vincent of the Republican Liberty Party in Kenya has declared that due to his stance on homosexuality the party was notifying authorities that it will hold demonstrations in the capital city where they will parade naked.

The letter reads that the intention of the demonstration is to have Obama see the difference between male and female sexual organs as his support of homosexuality shows that he does not see any difference between the two reproductive organs.

In a related development, another letter has circulated on social media allegedly written by the President of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University which has threatened Obama with suicides of 18 students if he does not visit the University Campus in his tour of Kenya.

Meanwhile some commentators have urged Malawian civil societies to borrow a leaf from the Kenyan protestors if their protests are to be successful.

“I urge Malawian activists, the likes of Mayaya and Gift Trapence and Timothy Ntambo to do the same if these arrogant politicians are to pay attention to their complaints. They should protest while naked,” wrote Felix Unyolo.