Obama Takes Jibe At Opposition, Says He Won’t Meddle With Kenya

President Barack Obama has taken a jibe at the Opposition, saying he found it odd that they would want the US to interfere with Kenya’s internal affairs, but took the opposite stand when in power.

Speaking at a forum with the civil society, Obama said he met with the Opposition earlier Sunday and told them there was a legally elected government and the US would work with the current regime.

“But we are also always going to be listening to all elements of the Kenyan society. It’s funny though that one of the Opposition leaders – I won’t mention who – was saying we really need you to press the Kenyan government on some issues and I had to say to him, I remember when you were in government kept on saying why are you trying to interfere with Kenya’s business? You should mind your own business.

He said everyone wants the US to be very involved when they are not in power but when in power want the super power “to mind its own business.”

He said America would continue to be honest and to promote the kinds of policies and interests they believe in.

He reminded participants at the event that Kenya’s prosperity its freedom, opportunity and strength of its democracy depends on its people.

“There was a time post-colonial; cold war when the big major powers were constantly interfering and determine what was happening in other countries and sometimes the US was involved on deciding who should be in charge of countries but that honestly has changed.

He said the US policy was to respect the sovereignty of nations and who leads them.

He however made it clear that the US would not apologise for believing in certain values and ideals.