Obama Made His Dad ‘Turn in the Grave’

US President Barack Obama should visit Nyangoma Kogelo village while still the US President to appease his ancestral spirits, nominated MP Oburu Oginga has said.

Obama left the country yesterday after a three-day visit from Friday for the Sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.

“Obama would have had an easy time if he could have sneaked to Kogelo, as I was waiting for him with Nyando MP Fred Outa in his grandmother’s house,” Oburu said.

He was addressing residents of Kogelo, Siaya county, on Saturday during the Destination Siaya Kababa Investment and Expo Summit.

Oburu said Obama’s father must be turning in his grave after the President skipped visiting his burial ground for blessings, as per Luo traditions.

He said the Luo community comprises the living and the dead, and the ancestors’ blessings are equal to God’s.

Obama said he will not visit Kogelo as a state officer but as a private citizen.

Oburu said this shuttered his expectations of a US president visiting Kogelo.

The legislator said the Luo tradition now dictates that elders must make a trip to the US to bless the world’s most powerful president or he will be haunted by his father’s spirit.

Oburu said he refused to attend the Kasarani meeting despite being invited because he was expecting Obama to proceed to Kogelo.

He said Mama Sarah Obama expected to sit down with her grandson in their ancestral home at Kogelo and enjoy the local diet.

However, Oburu congratulated the US president for having come to Kenya at the right time to uplift its economy.Oburu said entrepreneurship skills are the best gift a country can have to be economically independent and avoid begging.

He said the role of the government is not to develop areas but to enable citizens to manage their own lives.

Oburu said the summit will equip many Kenyans with business skills.

He urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to create a conducive environment for development by ensuring there is enough security, proper infrastructure and reliable electricity.

“The investors Obama has brought will not bring electricity or security,” Oburu said.

“It’s the role of the President to ensure the investor does not run away because of lack of basic needs.”