Obama Lights Summit With ‘Niaje Wasee’ Greeting, Says Kenyans Are So Warm

“Jambo… Niaje wasee… Hawayuni”, the youthful and charismatic US President Barack Obama greeted the global entrepreneurship summit he is co-hosting in Nairobi.

Obama, who returned to his homeland after his visit as Illinois Senator in 2006, said Nairobi looks “way more incredible” than it did back then.

He said walking the streets of Nairobi in the previous years, he recognised the warmth of the Kenyan people.

Obama said he is glad and proud to be the first sitting American president to visit Kenya, noting that the country “on the move” has made tremendous progress.

“There is a reason I am called Barack Hussein Obama. I have family and relatives here and I believe Kenya has the drive to change the world,” he said.

“I am looking forward to partnering with you,” he added, noting that Kenya is East Africa’s largest economy.

Obama said he is not the only one who sees the promise of Africa; citing high speed networks and mobile money transfer systems, he said Kenya is leading the way.

“The Middle class is growing and youth are harnessing technology to create opportunities. This means more growth of jobs,” he said.

Obama is co-hosting the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit with President Uhuru Kenyatta at the UN headquarters in Gigiri.

He is expected to pay tribute to victims and survivors of the 1998 US embassy bombing and dine with Uhuru.