Obama Jokes About His Birth Certificate

US President Barack Obama on Saturday used a dinner hosted at State House to joke about his birth certificate, an issue brought up in his country.

Last week, a vocal Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told CNN he still believes Obama has a fake birth certificate.

“Some of my critics back home might be suggesting I’m here to look for my birth certificate… That’s not the case,” Obama said while making a toast at the state dinner hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Obama’s comment was met with laughs by the audience made up of mostly Kenyans, who consider him one of their own.

In 2001, Obama made his birth certificate public after some of his critics said he was not an American citizen and was not eligible to run for US President.

The certificate lists Honolulu, Hawaii, as his place of birth but the critics were not taking any of this and now say it was fake and Obama was born in Kenya.

During the dinner, Obama also joked that he had come to Kenya in part because his step-grandmother had asked him to.

“When she says you do something, you generally have to do it,” he said.

The night was not done without Obama showing off his dance moves as Kenya’s Sauti Sol group entertained the guests.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta was the first to join Sauti Sol on stage, and Obama and Uhuru joined her.

Obama was heard asking Uhuru: “How do I dance it?”

The US leader appeared to be a fast learner of the popular ‘Lipala Dance’, associated to Sauti Sol’s hit ‘Sura Yako’.

The song ‘Sura Yako’ is Uhuru’s favourite tune, in his own words, and he has been captured on camera singing to it at state functions.

Obama reiterated his earlier message that the US will continue enhancing its relations with Kenya for mutual benefit of citizens of both countries.

“Deepening our relations with Africa is something guided by partisan support and it is an indication of how American people feel,” he said.

Uhuru said Africa is no longer a continent which begs for aid but seeks support and empowerment to achieve economic prosperity.

“Many have said President Obama has not done much for Africa. I tend to disagree with that statement because enough is not about how much you put on the table,” he said.