NYS launch its 261st youth programme

The National Youth Service (NYS) has launched its 261st Youth Empowerment Programme that (YEP) will see 900 youths in Ijara Constituency, Garissa County employed in the six month programme.

So far 790 youths have been registered in the programme that has been launched in 260 constituencies.

Speaking at the launch at Masalani Baraza Park NYS Director, Sospeter Mabeya said the programme aims to equip the youths with skills to do business and better their lives by forming SACCOs to inculcate the culture of saving their earnings for future investments.

Mabeya said the youths will be engaged in community work, including cleaning the town, collecting used polythene bottles and papers, tree planting in learning institutions and hospitals among others.

They will be required to form a SACCO that will see Sh. 141 deducted daily from their wages and deposited in the SACCOs account.

It will also enable them to apply for funds from Youth Enterprise Fund and other government kitties to set businesses. A SACCO consists of between10 to 15 members.

Area MP, Sophia Abdi Noor said the programme will curb crime and drug abuse among the youth.

Several of our youth have been forced to engage in crime and use of drugs due to lack of job opportunities, Sophia said.

The programme will give our young men and women who did not do well in school opportunity to engage in meaningful employment and better their lives, she added.

Sophia said next month, a similar programme will be launched in Hulugho sub-county where it will also benefit 900 jobless youth.

The MP said the initiative will also help to reduce inter-clan conflicts by bringing together all youth irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.

The County Executive Committee member for Trade, Entrepreneur development and Tourism, Adow Jubat said the county will integrate the national government youth policies in its programme to avoid duplication of roles.

Source: Kenya News Agency