Nyeri Magistrates are Unfair, Inmates Say

Inmates at King’ong’o prison in Nyeri county have accused judges and magistrates of insensitivity while handling cases.

The inmates said some magistrates at the Nyeri law courts favour complainants and do not listen to suspects.

They spoke during a Court Users Committee meeting at the prison on Monday.

The inmates said the judiciary denies them the right to be released on bond terms.

“Sometimes a magistrate just closes your file and you end up staying in custody,” said inmate Joseph Ng’ang’a.

Speaking on behalf of the remandees, Ng’ang’a said the local law courts do not release suspects on considerable or affordable bond.

“Hundreds of suspects remain in custody because bond terms given are hard to fulfil,” he said.

Ng’ang’a said there is a case that has been lagging for seven years because of lack of an interpreter.

The committee was led by resident judge Jairus Ngaah.

Ng’ang’a said the prosecution denies suspects access to charge sheets and witness statements.

Kelvin Andika, the convicts’ representative, said their appeals take more than three years to be heard.

He asked the judge to ensure they get access to copies of judgments.