Nyeri IT expert puts together turbine to generate electricity


A Nyeri IT has come up with a wind turbine to supply primary schools and villages with power.

Gabriel Nderitu, the general manager of Fincom Technologies Ltd, said the turbine can generate up to 50KW.

He spoke to the Star at Kiawara, Kieni West, on Sunday during testing of the turbine.

“Power needs for villagers are mainly for electronics such as TV, radio, chargers and lighting. The turbines are locally made. I have designed a big one with a 30-feet diameter rotor generating two to 10KW,” Nderitu said.

The turbines are assembled at a small jua kali workshop in Kahawa West, Nairobi.

“Access to free electricity helps rural communities power their TVs and radios, which educate, inform and entertain. This improves the quality of rural life,” Nderitu said.

He said the project will enable pupils to study for longer hours.

Nderitu, 47, said renewable wind power is environmentally friendly.

He said many countries are moving towards renewable energy as opposed to fossil fuel sources.