Nyahururu, Consumers Bare the cost of Dwindled Supply

Consumers at the Nyahururu County Market have to bear the brunt of dwindled supplies following a move by traders’ to hike prices.

The traders blamed the reduced quantities to failed short rains that led to failed crop in the region.

The onions that we get locally until March have run out and our only source is one farmer in Ndaragwa whose crop is small in size. This can hardly sustain us to April when we get onions from the neighbouring Tanzania, noted Wanjau Kamau, a trader at the selling his onions at Shs.80 a kilogram.

Vegetables especially cabbages are the hardest hit with the light weighted grocery retailing at between Shs.50 and Shs.100 ahead at the market.

This is unlike last year when they averaged at 35 per head.

Kale and Spinach too had dwindled with the traders quoting Shs.30 per kilogramme of the withered leaves.

We are lucky that the warm weather has favored tomatoes but now buyers can only prioritize their little cash in buying essentials, added Teresia Wangeci who was selling her tomatoes at Shs.50 a kilo, down from between Shs.70 and Shs.100 a month ago.

Carrots sold at Shs.20 a kilo, while capsicum that were spotted in plenty selling at Shs.60. Beetroots that are a favorite for juice and pudding lovers were also in plenty with a large sized tuber trading at Shs.15, translating to Shs.60 a kilogram.

Pumpkins, locally grown in the area were spotted in plenty with different varieties. The famous jungle green Kikuyu variety sold at shs.100 per kilo, facing out the butternuts that are brought in from Baringo County.

Source: Kenya News Agency