Nurture Devolution – Nanok

Chairman of the Council of Governors Josephat Nanok has called for nurturing of devolution for the realization of the socio-economic transformation in the country.

Mr. Nanok stated that a lot of millstones had been achieved in various sectors of the economy since the inception of the devolved system of government in the year 2013.

The provision of health services has greatly improved where maternal and child welfare has been prioritized by the county governments, he said while addressing delegates during the opening of the fifth devolution conference at Kakamega High School Tuesday.

He however lamented that the devolved functions have not been accompanied by the proportionate resources and appealed to the national government to rectify the situation.

Turkana County governor pointed out that the key devolved sectors including health services and agriculture were being underfunded by the national treasury.

He also proposed for re-classifying of the roads and the streamlining of the roads functions so as to enhance the role of the counties.

Some of the roads agencies that are still under the national government were being allocated funds that would otherwise be channeled to counties for opening up the rural areas, he observed.

Mr. Nanok also expressed the need for a policy framework on exploitation of natural resources saying the locals are entitled to a reasonable share of the same.

He appealed for cordial inter-governmental relations where issues can be raised and deliberated in an amicable manner for the common good of the citizens.

Source: Kenya News Agency