Nurses vow to send Governor Wambora home

Embu nurses have vowed to campaign against Governor Martin Wambora in the August elections for failure to address their grievances.

The over 3,000 nurses said they will mobilize their families to vote out Wambora who they accused of ignoring the health sector in the last four years.

Speaking in Embu town at the weekend they said they will vote for a leader who is ready to listen to them and has the interest of the health sector at heart.

The striking nurses said they have suffered endless agony and desperation in the four years of Wambora’s tenure and were not ready to work for another five years under the same government.

We are tired of the current regime and are more than ready to send them home. They have completely neglected us and we will show them no mercy in the August elections, said their branch Secretary who is also the national chairperson Joseph Ngwaci.

Ngwaci said change of regime in the county might be a big relief to the health sector that was ailing due to poor working conditions and pay of the health workers.

The nurses held a meeting with Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti who is eyeing Wambora’s seat in August.

Kivuti raised concern over the deteriorating state of the County’s health sector saying a lot of money had been pumped in by the central government to improve the sector in the County in vain.

Some of the health workers claimed that they earn Sh7, 000 monthly, with Kivuti saying it was against the labour laws since the government had revised the minimum wage to about S3, 000.

If elected I will fix the ills in the County’s health sector. Cases of health worker’s strikes will be a thing of the past. We shall work as a team to improve the state of health in the County, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency