Nurses resume work after deal with county government

Nurses in Homa Bay County have today called off their two week long strike, after signing a memorandum of agreement with the county government.

The nurses had downed their tools, citing delays in payment of their salaries and failure by the employer to remit statutory deductions.

Kenya National Union of Nurses, Homa Bay County, branch Executive Secretary, George Opiyo Bola said in a press statement that the union agreed to end the strike after negotiations in Kisumu, before the Labour Dispute Conciliator L.K Bii.

In the memorandum of agreement, the county government agreed to remit statutory deductions promptly.

At the same time, Bola wrote that all nurses whose salary had not been paid from the month of December last year to date, are required to continue working and be paid their salary arrears, together with this month’s salary.

Both parties, as the memorandum of agreement stated are to hold follow up meetings within one month to assess the progress in implementing the content of the agreement and take action, as necessary.

Chief Officer for Health, Jenipher Ndege and the County Director of Human Resource, Charles Auma represented the county government in the signing of the agreement, while the union was represented by the Secretary General, Seth Panyako.

Source: Kenya News Agency