NTSA to investigate driving schools

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) will investigate driving schools which issue driving licenses to unqualified and young operators.

The Authority Chairman, Lee Kinyanjui regretted that incompetent and unqualified drivers and riders were increasingly becoming the main cause of accidents and deaths on the Kenyan roads and urgent actions was needed to curb the trend.

Speaking during a funeral mass for two teenagers of the Salgaa New Year eve accident and two motorbike accident victims at the same black spot that was held at Njoro grounds on Friday, Kinyanjui said only 20% of the bodaboda operators in the country are trained and appealed to County governments to work closely with the National government to ensure the operators are well trained.

He said the bodaboda transport sector was now becoming a threat to the economy of this country following increased accidents and asked all transport stakeholders to work together and come up with ways of addressing the menace.

Speaker of the County Assembly, Susan Kihika accused parents and adults of absconding their duty of mentoring and guiding the young and called on them to take full responsibility if the youthful generation was to be rescued.

She called for the arrest of a police officer who allegedly hired his vehicle out to the eight teenagers before they met their deaths, saying the officer knew that the teenagers were unqualified drivers and did not care.

Kihika said it was disheartening to see a County burying young and energetic youths due to irresponsibility of some residents including the bar-owner who allegedly sold alcohol to the underage before they were involved in the accident and said he should be investigated and his business closed to avert a recurrence of such unfortunate incidence.

By Esther Mwangi