NTSA suspend 40 Hannover bus licences


OPERATING licences of 40 vehicles belonging to Hannover Sacco have been suspended indefinitely. The sacco operates a bus in which 35 secondary school students were found engaging in sex, drinking alcohol and smoking bhang last Wednesday.

National Transport and Safety Authority director general Francis Meja on Friday ordered that all the 40 vehicles be taken to Likoni Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre.

He said the driver of the vehicle the students were in be presented for re-test at the Ruaraka Driver Testing Centre today at 2pm.

“The operator immediately surrenders the public service vehicle badges and licences of the driver and conductor of the vehicle registration KCC 586M, responsible for the incident,” Meja said in a statement.

He said the vehicle did not have a valid temporary road service licence to ply outside its designated routes. The bus is licensed to operate in Nairobi routes. It was caught operating in Nyeri and Kirinyaga.

Meja said the sacco did not obey guidelines on graffiti on public service vehicle.

“The guidelines states that no PSV shall have graffiti painted, sprayed, drawn on or affixed to any window, the front and back windscreens, lights, indicators or chevrons of the vehicle,” he said.

Meja said the graffiti should not be offensive. He said all PSV’s that have altered the branding, marking and any construction aspect after obtaining inspection certificates should re-submit the vehicles for fresh inspection.