No to Homosexuality, Yes to Harambees – Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has said he will continue contributing to society despite what other leaders think.

The Deputy President said he will stand with religious leaders to build churches and schools which are important institutions in the society.

Speaking during a church service at Africa Inland Church (AIC) Ziwani, Ruto pledged to assist the church construct a complex.

“People do not understand the art of giving. Every Christian should know it’s better to give than to receive”, he said “It is good to serve the people and whatever we have we should share with others.”

Ruto said he was shocked that some leaders were complaining that he visited churches to fundraise.

“There are many people who are complaining that I went to Bondo to contribute for the Anglican Church. I ask you to pray for them to understand the secret of blessings,” he said amidst laughter from the congregation.

He said there were some leaders who never think about assisting God’s work, instead they do everything for themselves.

“There are those who have not discovered the secret of trusting God. Those who have not discovered the secret of blessings. The secret of blessings is to give to the Lord.

Ruto added: “There are those who instead of going to contribute to construct a church they have gone up the hill to construct a house worth Sh1 billion.”

The Deputy President appealed to the Christian community to stand up against homosexuality in the country because the practice is against Christianity.

Ruto said Kenya is a God fearing nation with no room for same sex marriages.

“God did not create man to be with another man or a woman to be with another woman. As Christian leaders we will defend our faith and what we believe in, our religion and our nation,” he said.

The Deputy President asked Kenyans to pray for the nation and those who participate in acts of terrorism to have a change of heart.

Ruto assured the congregation that the government’s transformative agenda is on track and the commitment to build a country all citizens will be proud of will soon be realized.

The Deputy President was accompanied by his wife Rachel, Starehe MP Maina Kamanda, Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru and nominated Senator Beth Mugo.

Kamanda dismissed leaders who are against helping the society saying fundraisers have helped the needy and the development institutions in the country.

Waweru said the Opposition was full of rhetoric while when some of them were in top positions in Government they did nothing that Kenyans can identify with them.

He said the Opposition was bankrupt of ideas so it had resorted to politicizing everything the government was doing.

“Some of those making noise everyday were in very senior positions in Government and we did not see anything tangible they did… they are used to politics day in day out,” the Dagoretti MP said.

Waweru asked CORD leaders to show their support for women empowerment and stop fighting Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.

Mugo said the Opposition wanted to remain relevant by criticizing Government on imaginary issues.

She said since the government development agenda is being visible, CORD wanted to mar it in corruption allegations that were nonexistent.

“If the government was not delivering on its pledges, the Opposition would be smiling and quiet waiting for elections,” Mugo said.

She appealed to CORD women MPs to stand up against their leaders who have declared war on Waiguru saying the country has come a long way to have women appointed to top government positions.