NAIROBI, There is no room for negotiated government or mediated leadership, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

The Government is run by the rule of law and the Constitution that has no provision for a negotiated government.

Under our Constitution, there is no provision for foreign interference in the management of the affairs of our nation. Under our Constitution, it is only the sovereign people of Kenya who have the right to decide who their leaders will be, President Kenyatta said.

President Kenyatta � accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto and other Jubilee leaders � spoke on Saturday when he addressed a huge rally at Ndumberi in his home county of Kiambu.

The President affirmed that there was no crisis in Kenya, saying the only problem the country has is one individual (Raila Odinga) who want power through the back door but Kenyans will not allow him to achieve his sinister goals.

There is no person, no military or country that can give the leadership of the nation to a person. The only one who can give that privilege is God through the people of Kenya, President Kenyatta told Odinga.

The President chided the opposition leader for tainting the country’s image abroad to win support from foreigners.

If they (foreign countries) want to assist him (Odinga), the best help they can give him is to buy him an air ticket to get him to Kenya to start campaigns so that the people of Kenya can make their choice on the 26 October, President Kenyatta said.

He added: People like Kofi Annan are welcome to Kenya as tourists but not to interfere with the Kenyan politics, President Kenyatta said.

Deputy President Ruto said Odinga is dodging the October 26 fresh poll because he knows he will suffer a humiliating defeat.

Raila is running away because he has lost ground and knows he will lose to President Kenyatta, the Deputy President said.

The DP said most of the people who stood with the opposition in the August 8 polls are now in Jubilee and that is why President Kenyatta will win with a bigger margin in the coming fresh election.

He cited the defection of former governors David Nkedianye (Kajiado), Moses Akaranga (Vihiga), John Mruttu (Taita-Taveta), gubernatorial candidates Yusuf Shanzu (Vihiga) and Hassan Omar (Mombasa), among others, to show how the opposition leader is losing grip.

The people of Kenya have a date with destiny on October 26 when they will elect the country’s leader. It’s not the choice of any candidate or party to choose whether there is an election or not. The constitution demands so, the Deputy President said.

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He added: No one can change or defer the election date. It’s determined by the Constitution and the Supreme Court reinforced it.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu assured the President and his deputy that he will work with the residents to ensure that all voters participate in the October 26 fresh presidential election.

We will strive to ensure a 100 per cent voter turn out in Kiambu, Waititu said.

Other speakers included Kiambu Senator Kimani wa Matangi, MPs Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Jude Jomo (Kiambu) and Gathoni wa Muchomba (Kiambu Women rep) among others.