No Night Meetings will be allowed in Kisumu County

The Kisumu County Security team has banned all night meetings.

The Chairman of Security team who is also Kisumu County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed said that all meetings must be held from 7am to 6pm warning that those found contravening the directive will face the full force of the law.

The directive comes in the wake of an incident on Thurday night when supporters of a parliamentary candidate were involved in an accident in Kisumu West while coming from a political meeting.

Speaking Saturday in Kisumu during county stakeholder’s consultative forum as political campaigns take shape, Maalim said that his team had agreed with all candidates seeking political seats that they must notify the police of all their campaign rallies to avoid backlash with their opponents.

The meeting was attended by National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) officials, political candidates, religious leaders, business community leaders among other key stakeholders.

Maalim said the narrative that Kisumu County was a hot spot of violence at every general election will not be allowed this time around.

As a security team, we have prepared an early warning and response system and anybody found inciting people to violence will be dealt with in accordance with the law he added.

The government has also assured women candidates that they will be given full protection to do their campaigns.

Intimidation, violence and discrimination will not be allowed he said.

Speaking at the function, a Commissioner with the NCIC Dr. Joseph Nasongo said the government was monitoring social media, not to curtail the freedom of the media but to ensure what is posted there is within the confines of the law.

We are not restricting freedom of expression, but ensuring that hate speech or propaganda is used to create disharmony in the country he added.

Maalim also called on the media to be part of the peace cohesion by focusing on peace messages.

The chairman of the chamber of commerce and industry Israel Agina asked security agencies to secure their business following reports that some of them were only maintaining minimal stocks for fear of looting during the electioneering period.

But the county commissioner allayed fears of the businessmen saying this time round all businesses will be secured, warning illegal gangs that have in the past taken advantage of election to engage in looting that their days were numbered.

Source: Kenya News Agency