No cholera case reported in Kwale for 5 years

Kwale County Government has significantly gained ground in the fight against cholera since 2013.

The County Director of Public Health, Redempta Mwendo speaking on Saturday during celebrations to mark Global Hand Washing Day at the Kenya Medical Training College, Msambweni Sub-county, she attributed the major strides made in averting cholera outbreaks in the region to intensified disease surveillance and a sustained public awareness campaign on cholera prevention.

Following the implementation of theses interventions, we have been able to control cholera outbreaks in our county which is a great achievement, an elated Mwendo said.

One of the areas that was most vulnerable to the outbreaks was the flood prone Lunga Lunga Sub-county.

Mwendo urged local residents to boil or treat water for drinking, eat properly cooked food and wash their hands before eating.

Always wash your hands using soap after going to the toilet and strictly observe personal hygiene to avert contamination which can cause diseases like cholera, she advised.

The official noted that research shows that although 85 per cent of households in Kenya have soap, they never use it to wash their hands.

Cholera is an acute diarrhoea disease characterized by a sudden inset of profuse watery diarrhoea and vomiting. It is transmitted through eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with faeces containing cholera germs.

The Director further said that though the County had put cholera into check, a prevalence of acute and persistent diarrhoea was still a big challenge due to poor sanitation.

Diarrhoea is ranked second after pneumonia which has the highest prevalence rate in the County, she added.

Source: Kenya News Agency