NLC to Resettle Residents of Mavoko Slum

The government will resettle residents of Mavoko slum on 3,000 acres formerly owned by the East African Portland Cement in Athi River town.

National Land Commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri visited the land on Thursday and addressed the residents.

Six groups representing the community asked the government to allocate them the land.

“I thank you for being honest and requesting the government to give you the land, instead of grabbing it as is the case in many places across the country,” Swazuri said.

He said Portland no longer needs the land.

“The company has exhausted the minerals. If we abandon the land it will be grabbed as there are many land-grabbers around,” Swazuri said.

He said his office will meet the Interior and Industrialisation ministries and Portland chairman after a forum with community representatives on Tuesday.

Swazuri said reverting the land to the community started several years ago but stopped.

He warned the residents against selling the land once the government hands it over to them.

Swazuri said the NLC will issue conditions to stop beneficiaries from selling the land.

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau said the residents live in deplorable conditions.

“Individuals have started constructing houses as we look forward to the official transfer of the land to the community,” he said.

Makau said the residents are law abiding and have for a long time protected the land from grabbers.

Portland managing director Kephar Tande said the decision to revert the land to the community lies with the government.