NLC set to carry out a study on settlement schemes

The National Land Commission (NLC) has partnered with a local and International learning institution to carry out research on land matters.

The research would be conducted on 483 settlement schemes which occupy approximately one percent of Kenyan settlements in 29 counties.

NLC says that they would work the University of Nairobi, (UoN), Richmond University and the London School of Economics to help digitize and geo-reference schemes to enable enhancement of proper land use.

The research would focus on mentoring, training and equipping NLC researchers with technical skills coupled with expertise from various decentralized sources which would help in acquiring data retrieval to be used in Kenya and Worldwide.

NLC stated that they would commence with Trans Nzoia County which is the most affected with 42 settlement schemes which occupies 22 percent of the land.

Initially, 11,793 residents of Trans-Nzoia County were the beneficiaries of the land but they have risen to 4 million people who currently occupy the land which in turn has affected maize agriculture in the county and its environs, said the NLC Commissioner Samuel Tolorei

Tolorei was speaking Monday at NLC Nairobi offices during official signing of the partnership with University representatives. He said the commission has tried to get all the expertise it needs to answer the land question.

Resolving the land question is not about the convenience of our commission but peace and tranquility of the country. If we resolve the land question in Kenya, we will do away with 75 to 80 percent of conflicts on lands, said Tolorei.

When concluded, the research was expected to help curb the menace of food security, sustainability and livelihood.

The National Land Commission of is an independent government commission whose establishment was provided for by the Constitution of Kenya to manage public land on behalf of the national and county governments.

It is mandated with initiating investigations into present or historical land injustices, recommend appropriate redress, monitor and have oversight responsibilities over land use planning throughout the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency